Aiden Hill

A trusted Advisor

Why Helmsman?

Most companies are geared towards managing ongoing operations, but often lack
the skills and experience necessary to run mission critical or troubled projects.

Big consulting firms try to fill this gap, but charge high rates for their experienced people ($500+ per hour) while deploying as many junior resources as possible to maximize revenue and profitability. After a decade in the professional services industry, Aiden grew disenchanted with this model and in 2003 founded Helmsman Advisors to take a different approach.

Helmsman Advisors focuses on helping top executives execute mission critical projects. We do this by applying the project management best practices of the big firms, without all the overhead. Rather than bring in an army of external consultants, we work with you to draft and lead a team from within your own company. And while we take ownership around delivering results, our aim is to mentor your people so that they can sustain the results after the project is completed. If your project requires expertise you don’t have, we can always call on a network of vetted (and experienced) partner specialists to fill any holes. But our focus isn’t on “selling hours” – we want to be a long term trusted advisor you feel comfortable consulting with when mission critical project needs arise.

  • Lead

    Organize & Lead New Mission Critical efforts

  • Rescue

    Rescue troubled or challenged projects

  • Protect

    Serve as company project management representative

  • Guide

    Educate & Train company project managers

Helmsman Advisors