Many THink projects need only
subject matter or technical expertise...

But every successful Project also needs a capable project manager who knows how to steer

We can show you where projects fail*

...AND THe Best Practices to help you safely
reach your destination*

  1. Adopt a project management methodology and use it consistently.
  2. Implement a philosophy that drives the company toward project management maturity.
  3. Commit to developing effective plans at the beginning of each project.
  4. Minimize scope changes by committing to realistic objectives.
  5. Recognize that cost and schedule management are inseparable.
  6. Select the right person as the project manager.
  7. Provide executives with project sponsor information, not project management information.
  8. Strengthen involvement and support of line management.
  9. Focus on deliverables rather than resources .
  10. Cultivate effective communication, cooperation, and trust.
  11. Share recognition for project success with the entire project team.
  12. Eliminate nonproductive meetings.
  13. Focus on identifying and solving problems early, quickly, and cost effectively.
  14. Measure progress periodically.
  15. Use project management software as a tool – not as a substitute for effective planning or interpersonal skills.
  16. Institute a training program based on documented lessons learned
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*Taken From Harold Kerzner, Project Management: A Systems Approach to Planning, Scheduling, and Controlling, 11thEdition.

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